You have to experience it to believe it!

"I have known hundreds of people going for Shiatsu, myself included, and end up feeling very relaxed, very well in a spiritual health and free of muscle and joint pains."

(Dr Hilary Jones, Sept 2005)


Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing traditional Japanese therapy. Literally translated, Shiatsu means 'finger pressure', but the hands, arms, knees and feet are used as well as, where appropriate, more dynamic rotations and stretches. Many people think of Shiatsu as acupuncture without needles.

The treatment uses the same energy channels in the body (known as meridians) and the same pressure points, but with Shiatsu there are no needles. Both therapies have their origins in traditional oriental medicine dating back thousands of years. Each session lasts approximately one hour and usually takes place on a futon at floor level, although it is possible to receive Shiatsu sitting on a chair if you are unable to lie down.

You remain fully clothed, so you should wear a comfortable long-sleeved top, loose trousers and socks.

On the physical level, Shiatsu stimulates blood circulation, helps to loosen muscles and soothes aches and pains.

On a deeper level, Shiatsu encourages deep relaxation, encouraging the body to re-balance itself and allowing it to regain its own healing abilities. It gives you a wonderful sense of well being.