Acupuncture works

"I would recommend Jonathan's skills to anyone. On top of my therapy he's offered dietary tips and lent me relaxation CDs to further encourage and aid my recovery, reflecting the idea that he is genuinely interested in your wellbeing. His bedside manner is also incredibly friendly and accommodating: he's always willing to hear what you are trying to say."

A. Palmer, Weybridge.



I took Jonathan (2½ years) and Zoe (5½ years) to visit Jonathan. As a parent I had slight concern and worry but Jonathan completely put me and the children at ease.

The children's first reaction to treatment was amazing, they were calm, relaxed and happy. They were happy to go for future treatments despite knowing what was coming.

They have been less irritable and sleep has been better. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jonathan to treat anybody, but he especially had a great patient, but fun manner, perfect for treating children.

- JT


I have brought my eight year old son for acupuncture in an attempt to calm his lively and sometimes inattentive behaviour. My young son thinks Jonathan is wonderful and can’t wait for each appointment. He is knowledgeable, thoughtful and unfailingly courteous.

Car parking is very straightforward and there are toilets easily available in the surgery.

I would recommend Jonathan... more importantly I have been trusting him to treat my son which is the highest recommendation that I am able to give.

- SL

"Jon is cool, funny and crazy and he makes me feel better about everything"

- RCL Aged 8


I’ve always assumed that doctors had all the answers. When you are ill, they make a diagnosis and then treat you accordingly. But what about when there’s no diagnosis to be made? Or, worse still, they know what’s wrong with you but don’t know how to fix it yet? The beauty of science is that it is constantly expanding and changing, spawning new ideas and development as we discover more about our world. The downside is that it isn’t finished yet...
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'My only other option was surgery'

I came for a treatment because I had read good things about acupuncture. I had a longstanding condition and despite receiving operations and medical treatment the problem remained and I decided that I must try this.
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For many years I have suffered with my sinuses, which have lead to many infections. The infections made me feel very unwell and I suffered a great deal of pain.

The medical professionals could only prescribe courses of antibiotics which cleared the infection for a while. But they always returned. My only other option was surgery!
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Well being

Acupuncture helps me cope on a better level. It has been the best alternative therapy I have ever tried. I really do believe that Chinese acupuncture, in treating the whole body, is the best way to all round well being. Jonathan is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and he has a good sympathetic attitude.
- JW

Peace of mind

Knowing very little about acupuncture and how it might help me, I first wanted to know how I could find a qualified practitioner.

The British Acupuncture Council website gave me confidence that its members were trained to a very high standard, complied with current UK health and safety legislation, and maintained their practice skills by ‘following a mandatory individual programme of continuing professional development.’
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I went to see Jonathan mainly for hormonal issues initially. I was a little nervous when I had my first treatment i.e. concerns over the pain, would it work? etc. However, as soon as I met Jonathan these worries went away through his assurance and calm manner.
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Thoughtful manner and careful treatment

I had recently collapsed in A&E, been taken into hospital then discharged and I had then had a car crash on the morning of my first appointment. During my first acupuncture session I remember a calming, understanding experience and a discreet approach to my problems.
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This morning when I woke up, it was a miracle, there was no pain. I feel great.
- GW

'You just don't know how much better you can feel'

I first started trying acupuncture about 5 yrs ago on a friend’s recommendation. I was very doubtful whether I needed treatment,although I was certainly not a very happy person. She assured me that if nothing else, it would help me feel as well as I could - until you have tried, you just don't know how much better you can feel.
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I must admit to being a little sceptical

A friend who used acupuncture for some years, and had found it beneficial, suggested that I might benefit from such treatment. I must admit to being a little sceptical of all complementary medicine at that time and I was concerned that acupuncture may not be compatible with the medication I was taking. I consulted my GP and he was quite enthusiastic that I should give acupuncture a trial.

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Jonathan is a calm, likeable and a professional practitioner.

After treatment I am relaxed and with a freedom of movement. My general well being has improved and I would gladly recommend shiatsu.
- JW