Acupuncture works

"I would recommend Jonathan's skills to anyone. On top of my therapy he's offered dietary tips and lent me relaxation CDs to further encourage and aid my recovery, reflecting the idea that he is genuinely interested in your wellbeing. His bedside manner is also incredibly friendly and accommodating: he's always willing to hear what you are trying to say."

A. Palmer, Weybridge.



Knowing very little about acupuncture and how it might help me, I first wanted to know how I could find a qualified practitioner.

The British Acupuncture Council website gave me confidence that its members were trained to a very high standard, complied with current UK health and safety legislation, and maintained their practice skills by ‘following a mandatory individual programme of continuing professional development.’

I have had osteoarthritis for many years. The conventional treatment is to take Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which may help lubricate the joints, but does not relieve the pain. Although the pain was not constant it was becoming more frequent and more severe. I did not want to take prescribed pain killers as a long term solution to the problem.

I didn’t know anyone who had been treated for oteoarthritis with acupuncture, but decided that it was worth seeing if it would relieve the pain I was suffering and that was increasingly affecting my day-to-day life. The possible pain of a few needles was of no consequence under the circumstances.

I first spoke to Jonathan on the phone to establish if he thought he could help me and to find out more about how acupuncture works.

I arranged to have a first appointment, knowing that if I didn’t think it was for me, I could stop at any time. At that appointment Jonathan discussed my diet, lifestyle, general health and any medication I was taking, and wanted to know how the osteoarthritis was affecting me and my way of life.

He explained that, as well as using needles, he would take my pulse at different times during the treatment and use the appearance of my tongue to indicate other aspects of my general health.

He was obviously extremely knowledgeable and sympathetic, and confident that he would be able to help. His explanation of what he would do and why was most reassuring.

After considerable discussion about my condition he gave me my first treatment. It was no more painful that an injection and in some instances I couldn’t feel the needles at all.

I came away feeling that Jonathan was treating my osteoarthritis with a solution relating specifically to me and my general health.

After five treatments over nearly three months I am rarely in painful and I have not needed to take painkillers for the last two months.

I have decided to stop the treatment for the moment, since, with Jonathan’s help, the pain that I was suffering has largely gone and I can carry on a ‘normal’ life again!

Pain is such a debilitating condition, affecting our lives in so many ways, that to have it removed after such a long time, is quite liberating.

It may be that weather, cold, damp, age, etc. might mean the return of my symptoms, but I would not hesitate to go back to Jonathan for help again, now knowing that there’s more to acupuncture than just a few needles!

- RE