Acupuncture works

"I would recommend Jonathan's skills to anyone. On top of my therapy he's offered dietary tips and lent me relaxation CDs to further encourage and aid my recovery, reflecting the idea that he is genuinely interested in your wellbeing. His bedside manner is also incredibly friendly and accommodating: he's always willing to hear what you are trying to say."

A. Palmer, Weybridge.


You just don't know how much better you can feel

I first started trying acupuncture about 5 yrs ago on a friend’s recommendation. I was very doubtful whether I needed treatment, although I was certainly not a very happy person. She assured me that if nothing else, it would help me feel as well as I could - until you have tried, you just don't know how much better you can feel.

And boy!! was she right. I can truly say that my mental wellbeing/happiness went from a score of 2 out of 10, to 10 out of 10 during that first 6 months!!

My eyes were opened to how good life could be. Over the subsequent years, that buoyancy deflated somewhat at times, at which points I returned for acupuncture treatment.

Often when I suggest to friends that acupuncture would help them, as I can see they are in similar circumstances to me in the past, they cringe at the prospect of 'needles'. If you have a horror of needles then you are missing out - you can certainly feel the energy flow, but not the needle. Indeed they are such tiny delicate things - akin to comparing a butterfly with a bumble bee!!

If only everyone had access to such a non-invasive method of treatment (acupuncture) before being prescribed drugs, with who knows what side effects!!

- RT