Acupuncture works

"I would recommend Jonathan's skills to anyone. On top of my therapy he's offered dietary tips and lent me relaxation CDs to further encourage and aid my recovery, reflecting the idea that he is genuinely interested in your wellbeing. His bedside manner is also incredibly friendly and accommodating: he's always willing to hear what you are trying to say."

A. Palmer, Weybridge.


Thoughtful manner and careful treatment

I had recently collapsed in A&E, been taken into hospital then discharged and I had then had a car crash on the morning of my first appointment. During my first acupuncture session I remember a calming, understanding experience and a discreet approach to my problems.

At the time, I had weekly sessions and I remember feeling that for about three days after each treatment my symptoms were lessened and I felt generally more comfortable.

I had slight concerns about potential pain but these were allayed by Jonathan’s thoughtful manner and careful treatment. Another concern was not really being willing to accept that it might help - as I didn’t understand how it could possibly work, but it probably doesn’t matter how it works as long as it helps!

I now have shiatsu massage and I have started to learn that time spent on oneself is valuable and not self-indulgent as I previously thought. I still struggle with understanding how and why it works though!

- SL