Acupuncture works

"I would recommend Jonathan's skills to anyone. On top of my therapy he's offered dietary tips and lent me relaxation CDs to further encourage and aid my recovery, reflecting the idea that he is genuinely interested in your wellbeing. His bedside manner is also incredibly friendly and accommodating: he's always willing to hear what you are trying to say."

A. Palmer, Weybridge.


Hormonal Imbalance

I went to see Jonathan mainly for hormonal issues initially. I was a little nervous when I had my first treatment i.e. concerns over the pain, would it work? etc. However, as soon as I met Jonathan these worries went away through his assurance and calm manner.

My original health problem/imbalance has now been resolved with the help of regular acupuncture treatments. I still have acupuncture as I find the treatments very beneficial for all aspects of my health e.g. immunity, spirit etc.

I always feel good after a treatment and this is in the sense of both mind and body, I certainly have improved health from two years ago when I started having treatments with Jonathan.

Jonathan always takes the time to listen to my health complaints when I go to see him and works closely on resolving those. I never feel rushed in a treatment through his calm and sensitive nature.

I would certainly recommend acupuncture as a treatment, not only for physiological imbalances, but emotional imbalances also.

I recommended Jonathan to a friend of mine, she has had many successful treatments also.

- SW