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Treating You

Quite simply (and naturally) makes you feel better.  Acupuncture can treat so many different complaints and conditions and it does it naturally and works with the body.  However it may be called, whether it's treating emotions, mental health, the 'spirit' or perhaps rebalancing, acupuncture is incredibly effective at treating the individual - at treating you.


Time For You 

During the first appointment, a full case history is taken to find out about you.  Acupuncture treats the whole person and therefore pays attention to the detail.  Consequently time is taken to find out about what you are experiencing and how you are feeling. When, for example, someone reports of feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, grief etc. it's important time is taken to find out all the details for that person.  What are the symptoms of that particular grief, anger, depression, anxiety?  Treatment is tailored individually, for you.

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Tailored for You

While a diagnosis from your GP can often feel reassuring, it doesn't affect an acupuncture diagnosis because treatment is tailored to you and also because acupuncture looks at illness and imbalance through a completely different framework and understanding of the body and of mental health.  Indeed, often many people will be told there is nothing medically wrong, but they themselves know something is not right.  Acupuncture treats you, your symptoms and ultimately how you are feeling, so it can be effective whether anything is medically diagnosed or not, or whether traditional treatment has helped or not.  Acupuncture is safe and effective to work alongside prescribed medication.

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