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For Physical Aches and Pains

Acupuncture has an excellent reputation for treating different pains in the body, acute and chronic and whether it's due to injury, trauma or other reasons.

For many who have experienced acupuncture before, they come to acupuncture as a first point of reference when they get a pain.  Others may try acupuncture for the first time, when other treatments haven't worked.  Acupuncture can often be successful when other treatments have not, because it looks at the body, including pain, in a completely different way to other therapies.  Acupuncture treats the underlying cause, so the aim of treatment is firstly to get rid of the pain and then to prevent it coming back, wherever possible.

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What to expect

Acupuncture works on the whole body and naturally, with the whole body.  Your first consultation focuses on your pain as well as you in general - your lifestyle, sleep, diet etc.  While acupuncture can just be directed at the pain, it is far more effective when it's combined with treating the whole person.  Treatment therefore may be in the area of the pain, but it is also likely to include acupuncture points that are 'distal' or elsewhere in body.  It's not unusual, for example, when treating a painful shoulder to insert needles in the shoulder and also down the arm and hand, or perhaps in the legs.  Or in the lower back, leg and foot when treating sciatica or lower back pain.

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More Than Just Needles!

They are amazing!  And if you don't learn to love acupuncture needles, you will very quickly be unfazed by them.  They can do so much, but there is also many other modalities that can also be used - either instead of or as well as needles.  Gua sha, electro-acupuncture, massage and gentle heat are all very effective for certain types of pain.

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